Weird Xerox WorkCentre 4260 Setup Issues

Strange Setup Issues with the Xerox WorkCentre 4260MFP

After ordering a WorkCentre 4260XF for one of our customers, we noticed that the box towered over us at seven feet tall. That seemed a bit intimidating at first but we never would have believed what came next. Once we put it together and started the installment, we encountered an issue with the PEK that was shipped. We experienced flakiness and had to position it just right to authenticate the machine for further setup. Nevertheless, copying and printing were easy.

When we finished that, we had a small Windows 7 issue, but that occurred because our computer had been corrupted, and it did not show its true colors until we attempted to install the driver. That was a quick fix unrelated to our copier. Next, we began the scan portion and put the copier together using SMTP and LDAP. While this normally works fine, the scanner kept giving us the Failed code, which is not very descriptive.

Ultimately, we had to create an email address for the copier to authenticate the mail server. We, nevertheless, found this unnecessary when it is open, but that did fix the problem. While we had our hands full, we did eventually get it up and running. We are not the type of company that gives up easily when it comes to our customers. Need a copier or help installing one? For further information, give us a call!