Ignorance Will Cost You

When you have been working with the same copier company for years, the last thing you want to hear is that they ripped you off. Our beloved rep has been soaking us for years? While we are not saying that they are, we do recommend people look around for a few quotes before making a decision. Educate yourself before hiring a company. It will be harder for a copier company to abuse you.

Here are the typical signs that you have been hoodwinked. First, you only print in letter/legal paper, but your representative sold you a copier that takes 11 x 17 paper. This can tack on an extra $3,000 to your bill. You print black and white, but your representative convinced you to buy a color copier, and you pay for prints that you do not use.

Are you tired of con artists robbing you of your hard earned money? If you want to learn more, contact us to discover your total cost of ownership. We can help you to determine your priorities, and we will tell you honestly about what you need. Our company will never oversell you on a copier because we believe in treating customers the way we would want to be treated.