Consolidation Tips for Color Copier

Many people want a color copier to replace their older color printer and monochrome printer because it saves space. While it may save money when done correctly, it turns into a nightmare if you fail to consider a few things. For example, if you plan to consolidate, you need to put the color copier on default in black and white. Otherwise, you will pay for colored printing for every document, which is $.10 per copy on average.

Second, you must look at the workflow. A lot of companies have tried to consolidate an entire fleet of copiers because it lets them own all the prints. However, they fail to look at what was once a 10 foot walk now becomes 100 feet or more. During that time, you get distracted and productivity decreases.

Finally, you should look at reliability. What happens if your color copier malfunctions? Statistically speaking, color copiers have more service calls than monochrome. If you had three last year with a black-and-white printer, you can expect 10 to 12 this year with a color copier. They experience more problems because they use six times more consumable items. If you consider these aspects and still want to consolidate, then you know what you are getting into.