Leasing: Identify Your Shipping and Supplies Cost

credit-cardsMost business owners want to receive the lowest price possible, but you could find that your annual cost is much higher if you do not know what you will pay for the supplies and shipping. Will the leasing company charge you that on top of the Cost-Per-Copy contract? In some cases, this will be one of the hidden fees that you have to watch out for in a lease.

We have talked to some business owners who even paid for a higher Cost-Per-Copy contract that still wound up paying for the supplies and shipping of it. Leasing can be a phenomenal method of saving money from paying for a copier upfront, but you have to watch the terms closely, or you could have to pay more for a lease than you had originally believed. This is not to say that you should always avoid a leasing contract with a shipping and supplies cost because it can be cheaper in some cases. Nevertheless, the biggest key is awareness of the expenses. You do not want to be surprised, and you want to be able to factor these costs into your lease to determine if it is the best deal.