Removing the Toner Cartridges from Your Copier Before Shipping

Xerox-WorkCentre-6400Whether you plan to move a copier across town, the state or the country, you want to move it properly and safely. The easiest step that we have seen customers miss is the removal of their toner cartridges. To remove the toner cartridges, grab the owner’s manual to receive pictures and writing. You want to do this when moving because toner can be messy, and while toner is a carbon polymer powder, it can still behave similar to a liquid. Spills can ruin clothing, carpet and cause a huge mess.

You will normally want to secure the toner inside a sealed box or zip-lock bag. If you do encounter a spill, toner should be washed from clothing and skin using cold water. Never use warm or hot water because this can cause the toner to bond with the material and make it harder to remove. Before transportation, we recommend removing all the accessories of your copier. This includes sorting trays, collators and sorters. However, always consult the owner’s manual to find the correct way to remove the accessories. They will give you a more detailed list of the things that need removal.