How to Choose the Best Shipping Company for Your Copier

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Copier shipping after your lease ends can become difficult because you need to ask several questions to determine who will be the best shipping company. The first question we always tell customers to ask is whether their transport company specializes in shipping copiers. If they do not understand how to properly move a copier, they could damage it in the process. Next, you should check to see if the company will shrink-wrap your copier. This will protect your investment and ensure that it will arrive in the same conditions it left.

You should also check to see if the company will use an air-ride suspension van when shipping the copier. The less suspension a shipment company’s vehicle has, the higher your chances of damaging the internal components of the copier if the vehicle hits a large bump in the road. In addition, check to see if the transport company will use a detailed inventory inspection sheet. This will list potential condition issues at the time of picking up the copier, and it will document it for your protection. Finally, check to see if the shipping company has been Smart-Way certified. Understanding these things, you can find the best company for transporting your copier.