Insurance on Your Copier When Leasing

belt-tighteningWhether you plan to ship a new or used copier, you should be aware of the insurance or additional coverage for it. Oftentimes, you want to be aware of these things before signing. For example, will the company have terms that mean you have to purchase exclusively their insurance. In many cases, they will charge more for this because they have eliminated the benefit of competition.

The method of determining an affordable method to ship a copier can sometimes be difficult, especially if you will be held liable for damages to the copier during the transportation. If you are dealing with an experienced copier moving company, they will normally sell liability coverage as an addition to what the government requires. Most company’s rates will be set at $0.99 per pound, but that amount will often not cover you in the event of damage or loss. Trucking companies will never say insurance, because they are not legally licensed to insure. Instead, they will extend the value of the coverage for the shipment. When determining the amount needed, look at the dollar amount needed to cover a loss or damage of the copier.