Kyocera TaskAlfa 500CI Product Review


Have you been considering a color copier here in Fort Worth?  If you have been and you do decent volume, you are going to love the

.  Why choose this over its competitors, we feel there are a lot of good reasons other than its cool black color!

The main reason we see people buying the Kyocera copier line is because of its industry low cost per print.  If you are printing a substantial volume of color (say over 3,000 pages a month) we can get your “per click costs” well under $.07 per page.  Maybe you are looking at another color copier in Fort Worth and you want so see how this compares.  We keep an extensive list of printers and copiers from 13 different manufacturers and can give an honest side by side comparison!

Another few benefits to the Kyocera TaskAlfa 500CI…

  • Does not produce ozone
  • Is the best in the industry for not needing tons of PM calls
  • Has great color images
  • Highly reliable paper feeding mechanism
  • Low low cost per print.

A few of its disadvantages:

  • Does not do 12X 18 through the drawers.
  • Counts tabloid as 2 clicks (like most manufacturers do, but if you do a lot of this, we should talk)

If you are looking for a Kyocera TaskAlfa 500CI in Fort Worth or the Tarrant County area in general, please give us a quick call and see how much we can save you!