Buy or lease a copier

targetAre you in the market for a copier for your new business? How do you know if it’s better to buy or lease a copier?  As with most things, there are  risks and benefits of both leasing a buying. We want to help you decide so that you can make the best decision for your business.  Should you buy or lease a copier? We have some pros and cons for you to consider.

Benefits of leasing a copier:

Keeping up with technology: Like everything in the technology sector,  copiers become obsolete pretty quickly.  When you lease a copier from us, the cost of obsolescence falls on us, not your business.
Predictable monthly fees: Knowing your monthly costs can go a long way to help your budget your cash flow.
Less impact on your cash flow: Most businesses, especially new ones, don’t have a lot of cash flow. Leasing means you don’t have to put so much money down.

Cons of leasing a copier: 

Commitment: you must pay the lease whether or not you end up using the copier.

Pros of buying: 

Simplicity:  No extensive paperwork. No commitment to another entity. Buy the copier and you’re done!
Tax deductions:  It’s always good to speak with your accountant about any tax benefits.

Cons of buying:

Large up front costs: Buying a copier is a big investment and can cost a pretty penny.
Obsolescence. As mentioned before, eventually your copier will be out of date.