Saving Money with Lease Rates

Copier leases are big investments that you need to truly understand to get the most for your money. There are always tricks and tips to get a better price, and at Fort Worth Copier we want to make sure you are as informed as possible. We want to help you get the best price on amazing office products. It’s easy to save cash if you know how to save money with lease rates.

What you need to understand about copier leases is that lease rates work on a step system. The rates aren’t adjusted gradually to keep you paying a “fair” amount. There are barriers in price that, if you cross, you can end up with a better lease rate.

For example, you want a 48-month lease on a copier that will cost you $3001. The bank will decide the Fair Market Value lease rate and say you need to pay $74 per month.

If you were buying the same copier for $2999 then the bank would actually say that your Fair Market Value lease rate would be $91.

Just to help show it differently.

$3001 Lease = $74 per month

$2009 Lease = $91 per month

That’s a difference of $17 per month.

$17 x 48 months = $816 over the course of your lease.

Just spending $2 more on your copier can save you over $800! So, the lesson is to know this and utilize it when negotiating your lease. Ask then about lease rates and where the barrier is for you to cross. If you are within a close amount then you can save yourself money in the end by paying, what appears to be, more up-front.

Call us today at Fort Worth Copier to get the best lease rates available. We can get you the best copier for the best price today!