Few More Dollars, Far Less Headaches

You want to get the most you can from your leasing company. Your business should be working smoothly and effortlessly. Office machines play a huge part in the workflow of your office, and the success of workgroups. Many people want to try and save money, but when it comes to office machines, a few more dollars will get your far less headaches.

Copier leases can seem like unnecessary investments that are outrageously expensive. After all, you can by a copier at a box store for $200. Pick up some toner and paper and you’re set for your office right?

Well, the reality of the situation is that you will end up frustrated in a short period of time. That $200 printer won’t last forever. In fact, if you use it heavily it probably won’t event last a year. You will be back at the store soon picking something else out. Or, you will be left trying to fix your machine on your own, without any support or technicians to turn to.

You will also end up spending far more on consumables then if you went through a leasing company. You will always be playing catch-up, which will keep you from getting good deals and making a real plan. It will quickly become a hassle to constantly be ordering more toner and refilling your small machine.

You also have support from the experts with a leasing company. If you work with the experts at Fort Worth Copier then we will be around for whatever you need. Whether you need a good technician, direction on document management, deals on consumables, or help troubleshooting, we will be there for you.

Don’t go into this alone. Copier and printers are worth the money you put into them. If you try and go with a cheap option then you will end up frustrated, wishing that you had a steady lease. Remember, spending a few more dollars now will give you far less headaches in the future.