What’s the Best Lease Length?

You may be thinking about getting a copier for your office and considering the different options laid out. It’s not just about what machine fits your business goals, and what the price is. It’s also about choosing a lease length period that you want to feel comfortable with. At Fort Worth Copier we took an interest in length lease times and are here to help you figure out what options are most popular, and why.

Fort Worth Copier offer solutions for both copier rentals, and used copier sales. If these solutions sound good for you then give us a call today. However, if you are looking for a lease then consider some of the following for yourself.

  • Is price the most important factor?
  • How far in the future are you planning for your business?
  • How much technology do you truly need in your office?
  • Are you prepared to pay more per month for a shorter lease?

In the world of copier leases there are typically three options: 60-month lease, 36-month lease, and the 24-month lease. There are benefits to both, but it’s all about how you view your business needs.

Let’s call the 60-month lease the “long-term” lease. This option gives you lower monthly payments and is great for those who are afraid about cash flow. The 5-year option is the most popular option, mostly because monthly payments are lower. You won’t be upgrading as frequently, but that is alright for many people.

The shorter lease options let you upgrade more, and plan in shorter time increments, but your monthly payment is higher.

Call us today at Fort Worth Copier to get help choosing the right option for you. We can discuss your needs and set you up with options that are right for you. Call today to get started!