Don’t lose money on Shipping

If you work with an untrustworthy copier leasing company then you may constantly be dealing with extra fees. Some companies love to sneak things into leases that you might not expect. It’s times like these that Fort Worth Copier is here to help you avoid mistakes. One of the most common ways that people get tricked is by not paying attention to the end of their lease. If you aren’t careful then you may find yourself losing money on things like shipping.

Copier shipping is actually a very common area that people spend more than they expect. That’s because most people don’t expect to pay anything at all. They think that it’s the responsibility of their leasing company to get their copier back, but that’s not always the case.

You see, unless you negotiate it early on, the copier leasing company will usually try to make this your responsibility. They do this because they know many people aren’t aware of this. It can cost you hundreds of dollars to ship your copier back to the company. They know you might not want to, or be able to, pay that amount of money right away. It is times like these that they will offer you a “deal.”

They will offer you to take the copier from you for free if you sign another lease with them. This is a sneaky tactic to bully you into resigning. That’s not how we do business at Fort Worth Copier.

We don’t believe in tricking people into paying more. We offer fair copier leases on the best machines in Fort Worth. Sign a contract with us and don’t lost money on shipping ever again.