Beginning your Copier Search

If this is your first time looking for an office copier then you may be in for quite a wild ride. The world of office copier leasing can be aggressive, and intimidating. There are a lot of copier leasing companies who want to bully you into getting an expensive lease. Here are some things to think about when beginning your copier search.

When you are looking for a copier it’s important to arm yourself with as much prior knowledge as possible. Look online at some of the various Ricoh, Copystar, or Kyocera office machines to get an idea of what you might like. You want to try and get an understanding of your needs before talking with a salesperson.

Think about things your business demands. What do you think you need in an office machine?

  • Do you need color prints?
    • If so, how often do you think you will be printing in color
  • How many prints do you expect to realistically use a month?
  • What jobs do you see yourself using your machine for the most?
  • Is speed the most important, or image quality?
  • Do you need tabloid printing abilities?
  • Are there any features you need? (security, document management, etc.)

One of the best things to do when beginning your copier search is to seriously consider what you truly need the machine for. Don’t get color capabilities if you don’t need it, and don’t forget about double-sided printing if it’s a must.

Starting your first copier search doesn’t have to be intimidating. Talk with our helpful staff at Fort Worth Copier to get help choosing your next Ricoh or Kyocera office machine. We are sure we can get you a copier lease that you will love.