Do I need a Tabloid Copier?

If you are searching for a new copier then a salesperson may have asked you if you need tabloid printing abilities. Most people do not know what that means when they are new to copier leases. Tabloid machines are tempting for most people because it’s what they consider to look like a “real” copier. We want to help you understand tabloid copiers and if they are the right choice for your business.

Tabloid copiers are machine that are able to handle tabloid prints. Tabloid prints are at least twice as large as standard legal pages, and measure at a minimum or 11”x17”. This is the perfect print size for things like magazines, posters, and newspapers. They are amazing machines that greatly expand what you are able to accomplish in your own office.

Most tabloid machines can basically give you the power of a print shop in your own office. They print lightning fast, can handle a wider variety of sizes of media, and have outstanding print resolution. It’s for these reasons that they price tag can be so high.

Tabloid copiers are only for those people who really demand the most from their office machines. We most often see these machines in places like marketing firms, or advertising departments. This is because they truly need the best print jobs to show off their best work. Most people don’t need this so we don’t recommend getting a tabloid copier.

There is no substitute for those who truly need a tabloid copier. They are great machines but their price tag is nothing to joke about. Make sure your business actually needs one before signing up for an expensive contract.