Data Security and Copiers – How to Protect Yourself

How to Protect Your Copier from Data Theft

For the last 20 years or so, copier manufacturers have built hard drives into those copiers. They use these hard drives by storing information into the machine’s address book (like names and email addresses.)

Modern copiers and printers also come with web interfaces that make them even more of a security risk.

If you choose to store data on these copiers, you need to install a security kit for your copier to prevent that information from being stolen and used in nefarious ways.

Below are six different ways you can prevent your copier data from being stolen and abused by bad actors.

Buy a Copier Without a Hard Drive

If a hard drive doesn’t exist to store sensitive information on it, there’s no need to worry about someone stealing it. If you don’t need to store information on a copier, make sure your copier doesn’t store data.

If you do need a copier with a hard drive, follow the next steps to keep the data secure.

Enhance Your Physical Security

Spending $20,000 to secure your network doesn’t do you any good if someone can walk up to your copier and steal your documents during regular business hours.

Tighten up the physical security of your copiers with these four methods:

  1. Place printers in an open area you can easily monitor to discourage an attack
  2. Make it a point to shred all sensitive documents in the printer when you finish with them
  3. Unplug your printer to keep your printer off the network when not in use.
  4. Set up “manager-only” printers as being the only ones that deal with sensitive information.

Change Your Password

Make your password as unique and intricate as possible. If possible, set the printer up so a user is required to provide some ID before they can print anything out.

Update Your System Constantly

Each update adds security features to protect your copier from newer threats. If you’re serious about protecting your data, update your copier to keep your data safer.

When Upgrading Your Copier, Destroy Your Old Hard Drive

Before you sell an old printer or copier, get rid of the old hard drive.

You can also change your settings to ensure your copier isn’t storing any information on the hard drive. Follow your instruction manual or contact the manufacturer if you need help changing this setting.

Get a Security Kit for Your Copier

“Optional” data security kits can prevent your machine from storing images of documents. Some of these kits can use routines to overwrite your deleted data, making it unretrievable.

Remember, these are not standard features on most copiers. Purchase a security kit for your copier to keep your data from becoming a liability.

Take Your Copier Data Security Seriously!

Almost nothing is worse than having to call hundreds of customers to tell them that a hacker just stole their sensitive data. Follow the steps above to keep your (and your customers’) sensitive data safe and secure.