How to Choose a Copier Dealer

Have you gone Office Space on your copier and wished for the destruction of all things technical? We understand the frustration people feel when they pay good money to have technology work, and then it just doesn’t.

(Music has bad language – viewer be warned.)

The big question is – how do you find a copier dealer in the Fort Worth area who will keep you away from feeling this way? We understand the need for aggressive treatment of problems with you copier. No one likes to get paper jam after paper jam or error code after error code.

Our passion is to have your technology “work.” We don’t pretend to be the cheapest dealer here in the Fort Worth area, but we certainly are also not the most expensive. We think most copier contracts and deals will be within 10% to 15% on cost, or like $10 a month to $25 per month – so you may as well get a quality service experience so you team isn’t spending valuable time constantly fixing (or destroying) your copier.

We have state of the art tracking tools for our technicians who get dispatched based on time and proximity to where they are and we have ridgid standards for the SLA we offer our clients. Some clients choose to have service within 4 hours (or even quicker on a few cases) – others opt for 8 hours. Ultimately, you know your business and we just make sure we support you as agreed. You will not see service calls taking weeks or months to complete, as we hear when new clients tell us horror stories. We expect your copier to work, and so should you.

If you want a copier that works, and is consistently working… give us a call. We are here to help!