Why Xerox is One of the Most Popular Copier Brands

If you are looking to get a copier in Fort Worth, or the Dallas area, you may be wondering what brands you should be looking at. One of the more popular brands of copiers has always been the Xerox brand.

The main reasons Xerox has remained popular is reputation, being made in the USA, and competitive pricing.

Xerox has a reputation for building quality copiers. In general, this is still true, though we have seen a decline in some of the models service history over the past few years. One of the important things to do now is to get the models of Xerox that perform better in the field. There is plenty of service history in the field, but in general, the Altalinks perform well as do the A4 (letter/legal) Versalinks.

Being made in the USA is a nice benefit. Technically, most of their engines are made in Asia, but since they are headquarted in New York and the last bit of manufacturing can happen in the USA, they can rightfully claim to be the most major domestic copier producer (HP is more powerful when it comes to business totality, but HP has much of their revenue in the computing space.)

Xerox has always been price competitive, so this has helped them to build a loyal following.

If you need a Xerox copier in Dallas, Fort Worth, or really anywhere in Texas, we would love to help!