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Ready for the New Year?

Your Fort Worth Company has probably struggled to break even this year and there are some normal expenses that you have put off until next year.  Maybe your copier is in that catagory.  How are you going to squeeze the new copier into a budget that is already way too tight?  Sometimes the best answers…

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Copier Sales in Tarrant County Can Be a Challenge!!

This post is kind of a post that I think will be cathardic.  I am sometimes frustrated when a customer calls me and wants information on copiers, sometimes taking up to 45 minutes of my time with questions and then when you call back they say, “I am not interested, bye.”  OK, I understand I…

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Copier Recycling in Tarrant County/Fort Worth

Tarrant County Companies often are trying to figure out how to get rid of copiers AFTER they have bought their new copier which is kind of crazy given they would have more leverage if they were to do this BEFORE they bought the copier in Tarrant County in the first place.  So, if you are…

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